The Birth of Valkyrie

In short, Valkyrie was born to fill a need and reduce the stress of traditional air travel, while providing a more economical solution than larger private business jets.

A few years ago Brent “G” Golembiewski had a crazy idea.  Being fed up with the constant travel on airlines, trudging through countless lines, dragging two young boys through security, and plenty of layovers, G decided to find a better way.  While serving in the Air Force as a helicopter pilot he convinced his wife (Also a helicopter pilot) that they should use their flying skills to fly themselves around the country.   After some convicting, G’s wife relented allowing him to purchase an aircraft.  G was very particular and finally settled on a twin engine Piper Navajo, an aircraft know for its load capacity, all weather performance and single engine capabilities, increasing the safety margin needed while carrying his family around.  For the next few years the Navajo proved a priceless vehicle shuttling G and his family around the country visiting family and having plenty of adventures.   Nearing retirement G decided he wanted to share this new found freedom with others with the hopes of helping customers travel in luxury but still within a smaller budget than the larger more expensive jets.  Thus the idea of Valkyrie was born.  The name comes from G’s wife’s Viking heritage, and the Navajo was then named Kara after a famous Valkyrie meaning “wild stormy one.”   Kara’s engines have been replaced along with nearly all accessories including updating the air conditioning system.  New avionics were installed and a luxurious custom leather interior was added to provide unmatched comfort.   When you travel with Valkyrie you travel in style and comfort. Join us for a trip!