Why a membership?

We believe air travel has diminished in service, comfort, and flexibility.  Today the airlines treat passengers like cattle , pushing them through lines, leaving passengers behind, continual delays, and growing hidden costs.  Valkyrie is changing all that!  As a member you will unlock incredible service, support, flexibility, comfort, and discounted pricing.  Travel in luxury and class at a fraction of private jet charter.  We offer three membership packages tailored to your style of travel, and customized payment plans.  Email or call us to find out more we would love to welcome you into the Valkyrie family and take you to your personal Valhalla!

Three membership options

Valhalla vacation package


Imagine getting your ski vacation started off right with a flight direct to Jackson Hole with seats as low as $667

Thor Membership


Our first Package, great for frequent business travelers and vacationers alike.  A plethora of perks ensuring you maximize your experience while minimizing costs.

Odin Membership


The same package options as the Thor but your chariot becomes the famous Beech King Air. A reliable time tested Turboprop, increasing range and speed of your travel.